Milk allergy and Pop rocks

Before having a child with a food allergy I thought having an allergy to something meant not being able to have THAT thing. For example, if you have a milk allergy you can’t drink milk. I also knew that there were other things you should avoid like ice cream, yogurt and cheese. I did not, however, know just how many things you would actually have to avoid and how much reasearch and label reading you would have to do. My son is allergic to everything (cows) milk so he must avoid (cows) milk. This means he also has to stay away from ice cream and sherbet, yogurt, cheese, many breads, Doritos, pizza, mac and cheese, some hot dogs, mashed potatoes, chocolate, cold cuts (they are cut on the same equipment as the cheese), baked goods (unless I made them), butter, many pasta sauces, lots of crackers, pudding, sour cream, certain popsicles, pop rocks, and many more things. The point is, I can’t guess, I have to KNOW. I can’t trust someone else because they say “it’s just a popsicle” I need to read the ingredients, I need to see them with my own eyes. I never would have guessed that pop rocks of all things contain lactose, but they do, and I’m glad I checked!


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