The best tip

Once I learned of all my son’s allergies I thought I would never be able to bake again. I’m not a baker to begin with, I don’t have enough patience for all of that precision and measuring. Baking without ingredients like eggs, all-purpose flour and (cows) milk seemed like such a daunting task.  Especially baking without the egg! There are other kinds of flour and there are other kinds of milk but there aren’t other kinds of egg. There are some egg replacers out there but they are difficult to find and some contain soy, which my son is also allergic to.  My hairdresser also has children with food allergies and in the beginning she was a great resource for me. She shared recipes and tips and helped me to feel like this allergy thing was something I could handle. The best tip she ever gave me was that in a baking recipe you can replace one egg with one mashed up banana. It helps to bind everything together just as an egg would, it adds great flavor and it’s healthier!  Now, if the recipe calls for more than one banana you can add more banana but it does change the recipe some. It will have more of an obvious banana flavor and the consistency will be more dense. Over time I’ve started using one stage 1 jar of baby food bananas (or bananas in a jar as JT calls them) instead of mashing up a banana because of the longer shelf life. When I hear that someone has an egg allergy I’m always sure to share this great tip!


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  1. What an interesting idea! I’m so glad you shared! Have you ever tried it with pancakes? That’s one of the breakfast foods I’m already missing.

    I seem to share all of your son’s food foes — soy, cow’s milk, gluten-free (celiac) so no wheat, and way more.


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