Our first ER visit

JT was a great baby. He was happy and easy going. But, he was also itchy all the time and spit up alot, and I mean ALOT! I would tell the Dr. that he was spitting up an alarming amount and she would say “All babies spit up” and I addressed his itchy skin and eczema and she would say “All babies have sensitive skin”. Chris would joke that we could tell her that his arm fell off and she would say “All babies arms fall off sometimes”. She is a non-alarmist and I was a first time Mom. Looking back I should have pushed harder for allergy testing but he was such an easy baby that I didn’t fully trust my instincts.

When JT was four months old we were getting ready to have some friends over for dinner. We spent the day cleaning, vaccuming and dusting so the house would be perfect when they got there. But before our friends arrived JT started to wheeze and it continued to get louder and louder. I was getting very concerned and so I called the Dr. This time we didn’t hear what we expected “All babies wheeze sometime” we heard “Head to the ER NOW”. Plans were canceled and we were scared.When we got to the ER there was no waiting. They whisked us right in through triage and to a room. JT was given a nebulizer treatment and eventually normal breathing resumed. The hospital sent us home with a nebulizer and some albuterol in case the wheezing were to start up again. (And we used it nearly everyday for the next year and a half). We  followed up with the pediatrician and she finally sent us to the lab to have JT blood tested for allergies. I still remember when the Dr. called with the list of foods JT had tested positive to. I was still breastfeeding at the time and the Dr. had said it would be too difficult for me to learn a new diet that would keep both me and JT safe, and she was right. So I stopped cold turkey and he started on Neocate. It took about a month for The excema and spitting up to subside and we realized that although we thought JT was this chunky little baby he was actually swollen from all of his allergies 😦 (someday I’ll dig out his baby pictures and post a before and after) But now we at least had a handle on some of what was going on and we could focus on getting and KEEPING JT healthy.

You can look online and find lists of allergy symptoms in infants. They usually include rash, spitting up, difficulty breathing and vomiting. JT had all of these symptoms and as a Mom I wish I had pushed harder for testing. A lesson was learned on both ends, I push harder for my kids and my pediatriction (who I actually LOVE now) listens to me when I have a concern. Of course I wish it hadn’t taken a trip to the ER to get the testing but it did. And the truth is, we eventually found out that the wheezing had nothing to do with FOOD. Turns out food allergies aren’t all we were battling. But that is a story for another day.

Follow your instincts and don’t be afraid to push for your kids. Dr.s can be wonderful but no one knows your kids like you do!


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  1. I’m so glad he has a nebulizer! It’s so important for asthmatics to have (and it saves you the copay of going to the ER just for a nebulizer treatment).

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