I don’t even remember how it was discovered but one day we realized that JT can have Pillsbury original crescent rolls. They taste so buttery that I would never have thought they would be safe for him but they are! He can’t have the store brand crescent rolls so make sure you are careful if you are trying those and ALWAYS check your ingredients. With 2 kids and a busy schedule I look for dinners that are easy, safe and that my kids will actually eat! These pinwheels fit all of those categories.


1 package Pillsbury original crescent rolls

about a 1/4 lb of sliced turkey, ham, or both (we use Hillshire farms pre-packaged deli meats as we can’t get meats from the actual deli)

Preheat oven to 375. Open and unroll the crescent dough into a rectangle. Use your fingers to press the seams together. Spread your toppings evenly over the rectangle of dough. Roll the dough back up into a log shape pressing edge to seal. Using a sharp knife cut the log into 8 slices. Lay each slice down on a cookie sheet and bake for 11-13 minutes.

That’s it! They are SO easy and my kids gobble them up. I give them BBQ or honey mustard to dip them in. I’ve brought these as an appetizer to parties ( I always make sure JT has something he can eat when we go out) and they always go quickly. The pinwheel shape looks so pretty that they look like they are much more work than they are! I’ve also made these for breakfast with crumbled bacon inside. You can use your imagination and fill them with all sorts of things.  Last night we even made a crescent roll dessert, watch for that post later this week.


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