Cow allergy?

So, yesterday my sister Kellie and her son Dylan took me, JT and Molly to Richardson’s in Middleton.  We went to play mini golf, knowing ice cream was out of the question. Even if there is something JT can eat at an ice cream shop there is so much general Ice-creaminess around that we don’t take the risk. It didn’t matter because JT was so excited to play golf, it was our first time going this summer. After a few holes it was evident that Molly, unlike JT, was not so excited about playing golf. I had mentioned the cows as a way to try to get her through golf but she was nearing melt down mode and after the 8th hole she and I left the course to go see the cows. We looked at the baby cows and the very pregnant Moms-to-be and she was happy again! JT and my sister came over to meet with us ( Dylan is old enough that he took this opportunity to sneak a frappe for himself before we left :)) and JT and I made the rounds to see all the cows. We had been in close proximity to the cows for about 5-10 minutes when my sister and I noticed JT was scratching. Scratching his neck,back, arms and legs. Then the red spots and the red, bumpy patches started appearing. We hadn’t even been near the ice cream or anyone with an ice cream. My sister asked “is he allergic to cows?!?”. I had never thought of it until that moment. He is allergic to their milk and he is allergic to the beef so why wouldn’t he be allergic to the whole darn thing? We left before he could get much more uncomfortable. When I got home I did a little research and it turns out that children with cow’s milk allergies can also be allergic to cow dander. Who knew? We go to the allergist on Friday so I’ll mention it to him and see what he has to say about it. I guess it’s just another possible allergen to add to the list, although luckily one that won’t be very hard to avoid!


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