Brands I lOVE!

As a busy Mom it’s really important for me to have some go-to, pre-packaged items for snacks and lunches for my kids. For Molly that is easy but for JT it can sometimes be difficult. I need to be sure that any snacks we buy are safe for all of his allergies.  In a perfect world I would make all of my kids meals and snacks from scratch….and JT wouldn’t have any allergies and Molly wouldn’t throw all her vegetables on the floor! Luckily, some companies are now making allergen free foods, and some are even made in dedicated allergen free bakeries. Learning about these brands helped so much in the beginning when I didn’t quite have a handle on all of JT’s allergies. Knowing a quick, easy and safe snack was available was such a relief!

Divvies – If you haven’t tried Divvies cookies you have NO idea what you are missing! They are delicious, even for the rest of us. They also have chocolate, candies, cupcakes and frosting . These cookies are the allergen free dessert that is served at Disney World and I’ve also seen them in airports. They are a little more expensive but totally worth it for a special treat!

Enjoy Life – Enjoy Life cookies and bars are a staple in our house. JT really likes them and they are easy to find. They also make “chocolate” chips for baking!

Nana’s cookie company – These cookies are yummy and I love that they are individually wrapped. They are easy to just grab and go and they stay nice and fresh. JT’s favorite are the Nana Banana cookie bars.

Ians natural foods – Before JT had outgrown his wheat allergy we used Ian’s chicken nuggets and corn dog bites all the time. Now that he can have wheat we have found other alternatives, but for about a year these were always in our freezer for quick lunches.

Cherrybrook Kitchen – I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m a horrible baker. Boxed mixes I can handle a little better than from scratch so I was excited to learn about cherrybrook kitchens mixes. They carry cake, cookie, frosting and pancakes mixes.

Bob’s Red Mill – Bob’s carries all sorts of different flours, oats, seeds and grains. But what I love best is their pancake mix, I just replace the milk with rice milk and the egg with banana. It makes really tasty pancakes!

Where to buy? I have found these products in all sorts of grocery stores. Whole foods would be your best bet if you wanted to find them all in one place. But I have found some of these products at Market Basket, Shaws and Hannafords. You can also order some of them online, just watch out for shipping charges, sometimes they cost more than the food you are ordering!

Just a reminder…Always check your ingredients. ALWAYS! I can only speak about what works well for JT. Also, ingredients can change any time, always keep an eye on them!

I will do another post later  this week about regular foods that you can find at any grocery store that I trust for JT. I hope this list helps you to find something new to try! What allergen free brands do you love?


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