Trip to the Allergist

JT had a follow up with his allergist today. There wasn’t any blood or skin testing (which of course thrilled JT), we just chatted about the upcoming school year and any concerns we have. His allergist is based out of Lahey clinic in Burlington and he is AMAZING! He always seems a little stand off-ish at first, but eventually JT gets him laughing and joking. And to be honest, I’m not concerned about his allergist having the best bedside manner, I want an allergist who knows what he’s talking about. And this guy does. If anyone is looking for a great allergist in the area let me know and I’ll get you his info.

I told him about JT’s run in with the cows (read about it here) and he said its certainly possible that JT has a cattle dander allergy. He added that it’s very rare but JT is a pretty rare case.  It’s not something we care to test for, we will just avoid dairy farms to the best of our ability!

The Dr. did share his concerns about JT outgrowing his milk and egg allergies. Most kids outgrow their allergies between the ages of 3 and 5. Peanuts can be a bit of an exception as it is a harder allergy to shake. JT is 5 and as of November his egg allergy had gotten only slightly better and the milk allergy had gotten worse. The severity of these 2 specific allergies is pretty rare. So given this information he explained that JT is in a small subset of kids who either don’t outgrow their allergies until they are between 10-15 or don’t outgrow them at all. While this is discouraging, it’s not surprising. We’ve known from the very beginning that his allergies were rare in severity and he has outgrown so few of them in his 5 years. My main concern is him outgrowing them before they really affect him in social situations. I want him to be able to go on a date and order a meal straight off the menu, I want him to be able to order a pizza when he’s pulling an all-nighter studying for finals, I want him to outgrow them before I have to pass the torch and have him take sole responsability for what he eats. Hopefully if he doesn’t outgrow the allergies on his own there will be a medical breakthrough that will help him and people like him.


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  1. There’s hope! I outgrew many of my childhood allergies (not peanuts though)…. but wheat (now I have Celiac Disease….), and milk were both outgrown.

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