Why I love the ice cream truck

“Do you hear it?” JT asks. I listen for a minute but I don’t hear anything. “What do you hear?” I ask.  Now both he and Molly are jumping up and down in the living room like crazy people. “It’s coming!!!” they yell. Finally, I hear it…the ice cream truck.  “Is today a special day?” JT asks. I use the “special day” thing so that they don’t expect a treat every time the ice cream truck comes down the street (which is almost every day).  Technically it’s not a special day but the sun is shining and my children are amazing and for $5.50 I can make them feel like the luckiest kids in the world. So we hurriedly throw on shoes, grab some cash and run outside and…wait…becuase my children have super sonic hearing and the ice cream truck is still 4 streets away.

I never thought JT would be able to get anything from the ice cream truck. But last year when we moved to this neighborhood I decided to check it out since it comes down our street so often.  I was pleasantly surprised, there were a few different options that were safe for JT, but we usually stick with Richie’s lemon italian ice (Although Molly prefers her Dora popsicle which is also JT safe!) Everything on our ice cream truck is individually packaged and has the ingredients listed. If you’ve ever questioned whether you or your child would be  able  to find something allergen free take a few minutes and check out your options. It’s not very often that kids with allergies get to have an impromptu treat like this. Just look at these smiles!!!!

Happy Kids!


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