Have allergies, will travel!

We have a family getaway coming up and we are so excited! I am so looking forward to spending some quality time relaxing with the family. I’m especially looking forward to making the last week of summer extra special for JT since Kindergarten is right around the corner. JT’s food allergies have made traveling more difficult, but not impossible. We always travel to places where we have access to a full kitchen. This is necessary because we make all of JT’s meals for him, even if we are going to a restaurant. I’m not sure how we would handle staying at a hotel or going on a cruise with JT in tow, but we do hope to go on a tropical family vacation once the kids are old enough to appreciate it. I’m sure when the time comes I will be looking for lots of advice!

We will do our grocery shopping once we arrive at our destination but because I’m not familiar with the grocery store I have to pick up a few essentials before we go to be safe. I will be sure we have Freihofer’s whole grain bread, Bob’s red mill pancake mix, Enjoy Life breakfast bars and ginger cookies and  Mama Mary’s pizza crusts. Generally the other staples we need for the week we will be able to find at any grocery store.  In addition to food allergies JT also has many environmental allergies and asthma.  Going somewhere new for any extended time is always a little scary because we never know if we will run into one of his environmental allergens. These include cats, dogs, dust mites, certain trees, grasses and weeds, mice droppings (yup…mice poop) and possibly cattle dander. Lots of times these allergies will cause his asthma to act up. JT takes zyrtec every day, year round and that helps a lot. He also takes flovent to help control his asthma. When we travel we are sure to bring special covers that completely encase JT’s mattress and pillow to help prevent a reaction to dust mites (we use these at home as well) and we provide linens for him that have been washed in hot water.  We can never be too cautious and a little extra work is totally worth it for a HEALTHY and happy vacation with the family!


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  1. Your son sounds JUST like me!! I just wrote a blog post about trying to plan a Honeymoon with food allergies (it’s how I stumbled upon your blog)! Traveling out of the country (or anywhere really) is a difficult thing to plan. I also have the environmental, dust, and animal allergies, with asthma and eczema, too! So far, Hawaii is the only place I really feel safe with. I hope you guys had/are having a good and safe vacation! What all is JT allergic to if you don’t mind me asking? I’m allergic to egg, all seafood, and nuts.

    Here’s the post I just wrote 🙂


    • JT’s allergies include eggs, all dairy, peanuts and tree nuts, shell fish, beef, soy, mangoes, possibly melons, cats, dogs, dust mites, mice droppings and maybe cattle dander. He has outgrown his allergies to wheat, peas and white fish. We had a great vacation! Good luck with your honeymoon planning!

  2. Ugh, your poor son. I was just like that growing up. I had severe asthma and eczema (was hospitalized in ICU twice before I was even 5) in addition to food allergies (back then it was way more than it is now … now it’s just peanuts, tree nuts, sesame and shellfish). How does the Flovent help him? I take that too during peak allergy season’s for me, on top of Singulair.

    • The flovent has been a miracle for us! Prior to it we were doing a rescue neb at least once a day (he had been on pulmacort, but it wasn’t cutting it), he was in the ER every few months and also had a 3 day stay in the ICU (complete with 2 ambulance rides). Now, we only need to do his rescue inhaler when he is coming down with a cold, hardly any wheezing at all otherwise! We LOVE Flovent!

      • Ugh, I feel so bad for your soon He sounds almost identical to me and my life (I’m 30 now, so most of my issues aren’t nearly as bad as they were.) Did he have to be intubated? I’m so glad you’ve found a prescription drug that works great for you! He’s very lucky to have a mom who takes good care of him!

      • Luckily he has never had to be intubated. The time he ended up in ICU 2 prior hospitals felt that he was too sick for them to keep. I think if we had stayed at one of those hospitals it would have come to that, he was going downhill really quickly. Fortunately he was transfered to Childrens and they had him doing better almost instantly! That was almost 4 years ago and he hasn’t been to the ER since!!!

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