So far, So good…

First day of Kindergarten!

JT started Kindergarten this morning! I still can’t believe it. He woke up excited for the day and ready to go. By the time we got to the school it was clear that although he denied it, he was a little nervous.  I, on the other hand,  was actually much less nervous than I expected. No tears!!!! When we arrived at the school with our giant bag o’ meds we were directed right to the nurse’s office. She double checked all of JT’s paperwork and verified all of the medications. She also showed me where his epi pen will be kept and although I would prefer it be with him, it’s a small school and I’m comfortable with the arrangement since her office is always accessible.  Everyone was very helpful and cheery. JT was most excited to see his teacher.  We chatted with her for a minute before leaving, said our good-byes to JT and that was it. All in all, I felt really good about it. Yay!

Tomorrow we meet with the head teacher, the principal and the school nurse to discuss JT being able to go on the school bus (WITH his epipen). I’m also going to request that he be put on a 504 plan. I’m really hoping that everyone works well together and that it never feels like a fight. I’m willing to go to battle for my kid but I really think we are all on JT’s side so I’m hoping it’s not necessary. Him being as safe as possible is my one and only goal. So, fingers crossed that it goes well tomorrow. As for today, I already can’t wait to go scoop my big boy up from his first day of school. I hope he is having the best time!


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