The school bus – part 2


I wanted so badly to be able to sit down at my computer tonight and tell you “I did it! I got my kid on the school bus!”. I wanted to be able to tell JT that it doesn’t matter that he has allergies or needs to have his medication with him EVERYwhere he goes, he can still do anything that any other kid in his school can do. But I can’t tell him that because regardless of us trying, he can’t ride the school bus. Or rather, he can ride the school bus, but his epi-pen can not. Part of me feels like I’ve failed him and part of me knows that it’s really the system that has failed him. I think the meeting we had with the school today could have gone on for hours with us talking in circles, but I could tell it wasn’t going to get us anywhere. I guess I could have pushed even harder but I need to be on good terms with these administrators to ensure JT’s safety. I am trusting them not just with my child’s education, but with his life. Although I feel defeated JT is safe and that is all that REALLY matters.

On the positive side, the school is making many accommodations for JT. His health plan covers every concern his Dad and I have (aside from the bus, of course). We REALLY love his teacher and the school nurse, they have been extremely kind, helpful and honest. I feel more comfortable with him being at school than I expected and I can tell he is in good hands. And, he likes it…He is safe and he likes it!

Next year he will attend a different school (grades 1-3) and I’m sure we will take this up again then. As parents, we will be more experienced and better prepared. And I’m hoping that if there are other parents out there who feel this way that we can somehow take this on together. So… for now, he is a “car rider”. Am I giving up to easy? Is my giving up allowing an unfair policy to continue? Is it enough that JT is happy and safe?


3 responses

  1. I am proud to have you as friends. You are exceptional and wonderful parents. Sometimes you need to know which battles to choose. Keep up the good work. He loves school and you love the teacher. Sounds good to me

  2. I totally agree with Ellen, you’re doing everything in your power for JTs good. HE seems to be thrilled with school and now you can gird yourself for a new conversation with a new school next year.

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