Soy Allergy

JT’s soy allergy has been a little bit tricky because he has grown in and out of it a few times. When he outgrows the soy allergy he unfortunately still maintains a soy intolerance and is unable to ingest it. But because there is no way to test for an intolerance the only way to know if he is really able to have soy is to try it (under the guidance of a doctor is best).  The first time he outgrew the soy allergy we were so excited! Not even considering that he may have an intolerance, we gave him a very small cup of soy milk and he loved it. We were thrilled because he hates rice milk and we thought we had found an alternative. Instead he spent the ENTIRE day vomiting. We tried again about a year later, this time with only a 1/2 of a Tablespoon mixed into his oatmeal and again he was sick all day. His last skin test revealed that he is in fact allergic to soy (again).

JT, like many people with soy allergies, is able to tolerate both soy oil (sometimes called soybean oil or soya oil) and soy lecithin. So, if the packaging has allergy info separate from the ingredients it will sometimes say “Contains Soy”, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he can’t eat it. If you are unsure about soy oil and lecithin check with your doctor.

Things he can NOT eat are:

Soy flour (In many breads, tortillas and pitas)

soy fiber

soy albumin

Soy milk (soy yogurt, soy cheese, etc…)


Soy protein and hydrolyzed soy protein

Soy nuts and soy sprouts

Soy sauce


Textured vegetable protein



Some Worcestershire sauce

Not sure how we will handle soy if he outgrows his allergy again. I’m not comfortable with trying soy another time knowing that there is a good chance it will make him very sick for the day. We will just have to wait and discuss it with the allergist when the time comes. As for now, it’s not one of the more difficult allergens to avoid.

Remember to always read ingredient labels carefully!


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