Safe soap

I’ve often looked at the ingredients of things like sunscreen, chapstick, or lotion before applying them to JT when we are out, and I think a lot of times people think I’m crazy. They wonder what “food” would be in one of those products. My answer is always “you’d be surprised”, and you would.  I’ve mentioned this many times, but I check the ingredients for EVERYTHING! And I’ve found lots of ingredients that could cause a reaction to JT in all sorts of bath and beauty supplies. Before JT my lotion had almond oil in it, one of my hair products contained soy protein and I used a mango body wash. I doubt that me using any of these products would cause an anaphylactic reaction in JT but I don’t want to take that chance. And even if they didn’t, they would make him itchy and I don’t want to make my kid itchy. So now I check the ingredients of everything that goes on our bodies.

Recently we visited family in Maine. I went with JT to the bathroom and as he was about to wash his hands I noticed that the soap had a milky white consistency. I checked it and lo and behold it had milk protein and lactose in it. Sometimes “milk” might be in the name of something but not in the ingredients but this soap (Milk protein and honey made by softsoap) actually contains those ingredients. Disaster averted, we just washed with some hand sanitizer I had on me.

I didn’t think much more of it but last week his teacher pulled me aside and double checked with me that he could wash with soap. She was really concerned that she was unaware of a soap allergy he had.  Apparently at school JT was not using soap to wash his hands! The poor thing was so nervous that he would be allergic to it. So now he washes with soap at school and so far (somehow) I think he has avoided getting sick despite a day or two of using only water to wash!


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  1. Thanks! I hadn’t thought of soap. I’m surprised by how many ingredients are in the soap we use. Everything checked out with my food additives book, but I’m glad to know that the stuff we use is OK.

  2. Ugh – sneaky allergens are in everything! I’m allergic to almost every tree nut as well as sesame and those oils are in EVERYTHING. I once went for a massage on a vacation, and for some reason, forgot to ask …. I broke out in hives after, and had a rash my entire vacation because the oil had kukui nut oil in it!

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