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During our meeting with the principal, head teacher and nurse at JT’s school we created a heath plan for JT. Officially it is called a “Food Allergy Individual Health Care Plan”. I would have prefered a 504 plan, but I’m happy with the accommodations that were made by the school. I came to realize that as long as a plan was put in place to safeguard JT,  it’s title wasn’t all that important to me. Of course, we were not happy about the transportation piece of the plan but I’ve talked enough about that for now. The allergy health care plan appears to be a basic plan that can be individualized for each child. I wish this plan had been offered to us by the school prior to the school year.  I’m pretty sure that if I hadn’t requested the meeting we would still be without a plan. But now that we have one, I feel much better.

Here is a brief overview of the plan, It’s pretty long so I only included a few key points. The plan states his allergies, which medications he is to take if he were exposed to said allergens and where those medications are located. It explains how the staff is educated about epi-pen use and about JT’s allergies specifically (including substitutes). It covers how food will be handled in his classroom, in the lunch room and on field trips.  It also lists responsibilities for JT and for us. JT’s responsibilities include, wearing a medic-alert bracelet and notifying an adult immediately if he ingests an allergen. Some parts that were individualized for JT are that he will have extra space around him at the peanut free table in order to reduce risk of exposure to his other allergens (I was really concerned about milk spills),  and  that students in his class will clean hands after lunch before returning to the classroom and in the classroom after snack. I feel like it covered everything I was concerned about but I hope I didn’t miss anything.


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  1. Wow! I am glad you were able to get that taken care of. It is so important for him to be safe at school. At one point as an adult I had only 9 safe foods that didn’t cause some kind of reaction. It is not fun but I am so glad your son has you in his corner to make sure things are safe for him.

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