JT’s first wedding

My very nearest and dearest friend got married this past weekend. The whole weekend was amazing, from the rehearsal dinner to the post wedding brunch. Every detail was perfect. I was a bridesmaid, my husband did a reading and JT was “Ring Security”. I opted to keep Molly at home with Grammy and Grampy for the weekend, which was the right decision, but I felt horribly guilty about it the entire time.

I was really nervous about feeding JT at both the rehearsal dinner and the wedding. I really just don’t trust anyone else to be as careful as I am with his food.  Luckily all of the events were held at the beautiful Hyatt Harborside which made everything much, much easier for us.  Prior to the wedding, I spoke to the wonderful wedding coordinator and she said we could bring anything we needed for JT and they would do whatever we requested to prepare it.  We opted to keep things as simple as possible and brought pasta that only needed to be popped into the microwave for both nights.  When we first arrived at our hotel room we realized that there was no refrigerator. Once I explained JT’s allergies to the concierge he had a refrigerator to us within a few minutes. I can’t say enough about how great the staff was.

Look at these 2 handsome guys!!

JT was amazing all weekend. He danced like crazy (until it was time for Grampy to come pick him up and bring him home for the night) and was his usual polite and personable self. And most importantly, we didn’t have any allergy issues! Sometimes when we have a succesful weekend like that I wonder if I’m too careful with JT.  I wondered the same thing after our trip to Disney World last year.  I’ve heard they are so great at handling food allergies, but I still brought all of JT’s food to the restaurants. Then last night Chris and I got some take-out from a local restaurant and there was a walnut in my french onion soup. Luckily I don’t have any allergies, but it did confirm that I am not too careful with JT. I think for right now, I can’t be “too careful”.

Mom and JT


2 responses

  1. It is always a tough decision. But you are listening to your innerself that is telling you to take that extra step and go the extra mile to make sure JT is safe and reaction free. You will know when it is the time to relax things. So glad you had such a great time.

  2. I know the feeling. I haven’t had an anaphylactic reaction in over two years so I sometimes think “maybe I’m a little TOO paranoid.” But nope…when it comes to life and death matters (and traumatizing visits to the ER) there is no “too safe.” You sound like such a great mom, JT is so very lucky to have you!

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