picky eaters

My kids are picky eaters. Really picky eaters. With JT it only seems natural. While he was learning about the different tastes, textures and smells of foods he was also realizing that much of what he was putting into his body was making him sick. JT has HATED trying new foods his whole life and I can’t blame him (even though I get extremely frustrated). He wants to stick with what he knows.  Not just what he knows tastes good but what he knows doesn’t make him feel awful.   Dinner time has always been a struggle  for me. I need to feed JT foods that are safe, healthy and that he will ACTUALLY eat. It’s not easy and I sometimes end up just wanting to throw my hands up. I’m sure other parents can relate to cooking a nice healthy and safe meal for your family only to have your kids whine and cry that they don’t like it. It’s so discouraging. I have tried every technique I could find to help my picky eaters but nothing seemed to work. Then, out of the blue, JT turned a corner! For 14 nights in a row he has eaten dinner! Without whining and complaining! I wish I could tell you I  had figured out the key to getting picky kids to eat (if I had I would be using on my super-picky-even-though-she-has-no-allergies 2-year-old) but that’s not the case, I didn’t do anything. He just ate a great dinner one night and hasn’t stopped since. It’s amazing! Dinner is SO much more relaxed now! Of course there have been some easy meals in there, the pasta, hot dog, chicken nugget kind of meals. But there has also been baked chicken, pork chops, chicken and rice, salad and tacos. Maybe it’s the age, maybe at age five boys finally start to appreciate food, I’m not sure. But I am sharing this just so that other parents know there is light at the end of the tunnel. Although, if anyone does know the trick to helping a super picky eater please share. I’m hoping I don’t have to wait 3 more years for Molly to get to this point!


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  1. I am so happy that JT is eating better. It is hard. I still have foods that I want to try now that I have been doing this treatment for a while but quite frankly I don’t know if I want to try them bad enough to risk a reaction. I know I should get over that but there it is (fear) creeping into my thought processes.

  2. My daughter (non-allergic) goes through pickiness off and on. What will frustrate me is she’ll look at what I’m making and Oh, I love _____! Then I put it in front of her and she’ll say she hates it and doesn’t like it or its yucky. Luckily, she’s been a bit better recently but I really wish that back and forth would stop.

    • Both of my kids do the same! I can’t keep up with their tastes. One minute they like something and the next they don’t. JT seems to be more consistent now that he is a little older and the eating streak is still going! Last night was night 17!!!

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