reality blog award – a big thank you!

When I started this blog I expected that it would be a good place to direct other parents who had questions about food allergies. I often have friends refer their friends to me for recipes and advice. I thought if I started chronicling all of that info in one place, I could give out my blog name rather than rewriting the information all over again. I honestly never expected that people I didn’t know would find and follow my blog. When that started happening I was very pleasantly surprised! Now I’ve been nominated for the Reality Blog Award and I’m so honored! KMTREAT at Allergictolifemybattle thought enough of my little blog to add it to her list of nominations! Thank you very much!!  Check out her blog to learn more about multiple chemical sensitivities, there is alot of great information over there! Also keep an eye out for her upcoming book!

When receiving this award many bloggers will answer a series of questions. I will follow KMTREAT’s lead and tell you 7 things about me you may not know….

1. I love antiques and vintage. I collect vintage Pyrex, jadeite and aprons.

2. My husband and I were highschool sweethearts and I’m still crazy about him!

3. My only allergy is to melons.

4. I’ve just recently restarted an old book binding hobby and I’m thinking of opening an etsy shop.

5. I live within 5 miles of my parents, my sister and my in-laws…and I love it!

6. I really dislike driving. I’m a passenger whenever that’s an option.

7. I am an accomplished bargain hunter.

I nominate the following blogs for the Reality Blog Award. On a daily basis these blogs provide me with recipes, ideas, inspiration and hope. Keep up the great work!

Toxic Lasagna

Food Allergy Experience

Celiac and Allergy Adventures

The Other Courtney

The Crunchy Cook


8 responses

  1. I love old pyrex too and jadeite. Somewhere I have a pattern that my grandma used to make her old aprons. I love vintage as well but have to do modern versions because of my mold allergies. Thank you for sharing so much about yourself. I love reading your blog posts and looking at and trying some of your recipes.

  2. Ok I am crying again! I am Sooo freaking proud of you and inspired by you! You have a gift and everyone is Sooo lucky to experience it! Congrats!!!!!! Xoxo

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