Oral Allergy Syndrome?

Over the past few weeks JT has been getting lots of rashes on and off. He’s got some eczema acting up on his forehead and is getting an occasional welt or hive on his face. I think mostly it is in response to spring time, which is typically a tough time of year for JT. He is allergic to different grasses and pollens and I’m sure other flora and fauna that we haven’t tested for.
The other day, after eating an apple, JT broke out all around his mouth. He has never reacted to apple before so I’m wondering if it is Oral Allergy Syndrome? If you don’t know about Oral Allergy Syndrome, you should read this post written by Celiac and Allergy Adventures. And if you aren’t following her blog already, I recommend it. Her perspective as an allergic adult gives me a glimpse into and hope for JT’s future.

Red bumps around mouth.

Red bumps around mouth.

This is not a great photo but I snapped a shot real quick to send to my husband. If you look closely you can see the rash goes all the way around his mouth.
Has anyone else had any issues with Oral Allergy Syndrome just popping up this season?


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  1. In the past year I’ve developed what I think is an oral allergy to grapes and apples, such a bummer! …although this time of year does give me the face rash too b/c of the stuff blooming. We changed our AC filters in the house and put individual little filters in each air output vent and that seems to have helped a lot!

  2. I have oral allergy as well. It is better under control now because of treatments. The allergist I saw many years ago felt that the reason I reacted to raw apples and not cooked applesauce was because of an enzymatic change during the cooking process. Also knowing how many pesticides there are on apples, I now only eat organic.

  3. Hi Mel!
    Emma, since around a year or so, had developed this rash around her mouth. Her doctor seemed to link it to an oral allergy. It was at it’s worst when she ate an apple! What I have done is rinse the apple, peel the apple, re-rinse and then she will eat it whole or sliced, this helped! It seems that the peel is what she reacts to and I believe that is linked to an allergy to oak? I have recently switched to buying mostly organic fruits. There is a site that lists the top 11 fruits and veggies to eat as organic as they happen to be the ones that actually take in most pesticides, berries are the worst at around 95%! Apples are right up there, so I buy them organic. I haven’t tried giving her an organic apple with a peel yet, so I am not sure if she would break out or not even with organic. Emma does not react to applesauce ever, as your friend Kathryn said, and Emma’s doctor noted to me, when they are cooked it breaks down the enzymes that cause the oral rash. I was always so frustrated with her breakouts (when she was little almost everything caused it!) I noticed that she actually goes through flare ups. She will go weeks without the rash then all of a sudden something out of the blue triggers it, not necessarily apples since I now always peel them. Just to note, once she had the rash everything made it worse (sauce especially) but once it was gone by a week or so she didn’t react to any of the same foods. Her doctor said to treat it with cortisone cream or the other cream I can’t think of (both over the counter). If it continues to get worse or it bothers her they can prescribe a steroid that is stronger, but if avoidable it is better not to. We have currently been rash free for a few months now, wondering if organic makes the difference 🙂 I hope this helps!

    • Thanks Mary. Maybe we will try switching to organic. The rash went away very quickly, fortunately. We have gone the steroid route before when his eczema was out of control and hope to not have to use it anymore. Does Emma do OK with Apple juice too?

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