first babysitter

We found a babysitter!
Until a few weeks ago the only people who had ever watched my children were family members (we are very lucky!). Even if JT didn’t have allergies and asthma to contend with, I think I would still prefer my kids to be with family members when they couldn’t be with us. And with the allergies, it always felt like too much of a responsibility to put on someone who wasn’t family. Even still, Chris and I recently started thinking that it would be nice to have someone outside of the family to babysit just once in a while. For a long time it was only a thought, but recently we got to know my niece’s dear friend, Colleen, and the thought became reality. The first thing that got me thinking was that my kids just loved her right away and I could tell the feeling was mutual. On top of that it’s obvious that she is a hard-working and trustworthy girl, she works full-time while attending college and last month when she was maid of honor in my nieces wedding, she was immensely helpful. So we asked if she would ever consider watching the kids and she said yes! She and the kids were both so excited, and we were too! Finally finding someone outside of the family that we could trust was such a huge relief.
Of course, when the night came, I was nervous but I made sure to be organized and keep Colleen informed and that helped to settle my nerves. I had her come about an hour early so that I could go over all of the information without feeling rushed. I also wrote everything down so that she didn’t feel like she had to memorize everything I was telling her. I explained all of JT’s allergies, his asthma and their symptoms. I showed her how and when to use his medications and we went over the chain of command in an emergency. One really important thing I did was to leave out a basket of JT safe snacks and told both Colleen and the kids that they were only to eat food from the basket so that there would be no chance of a mistake. I also fed the kids dinner before we left so that she would not be responsible for a full meal. I tried my hardest not to overwhelm her but I’m sure it was still a lot for her to take in.
We went out for dinner and had a really fun time and more importantly things at home went great! The kids were not only safe and healthy but they had fun. I honestly would have been happy if they had sat and watched a move all night, but they did crafts and played games instead. The kids loved having Colleen watch them and we love having another reliable person to call if we need a sitter for the kids. We are looking forward to having her back, but not as much as the kids are!


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  1. We have a weekly sitter who is not family (we’re transplants.). Our sitter is our lifeline! Your sitter will get the routine down. 🙂 I provide dinner for our sitter and SG bc it gives me piece of mind knowing there is no food being brought in my house. I truly love our sitter. I’m so glad you found a trustworthy sitter!

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