The Results Are In…

At our last visit to the allergist we did some blood testing to see where JT stands with his allergies. The Dr. opted against skin testing for this time around. This was partly because this time of year it’s just too difficult to keep JT off of his daily zyrtec for long enough to get an accurate result. I think that the skin test can be hard for kids, especially the waiting, so I was on board with his decision. Although, going to get blood drawn was no picnic this time around either. You could hear my normally calm and collected kid coming from a mile away!

Here is what the numbers mean:

0-.35 – No allergy
.35-.69 – low allergy
.70-3.49 – moderate allergy
3.50-17.49 – high allergy
17.50-49.99 – Very high allergy
50.0-100.0 – Extremely high allergy
100 + – craziness

The Results

The Good (ish)
Soybean .38 (down from .46)
Peanut 1.96 (down from 3.96)
Beef .62 (down from .96)
Pecan, pistachio, pine nut, brazil nut, almond, and cashew were all down to .35 or below!

The Bad
Walnut .52 (up from .35)
Hazelnut 4.21 (down from 4.39) Even though this is “down” I still put it in the bad category
Birch pollen 9.17 (previously not tested for)

The Ugly
Egg white 68.8 (down from 70.3) Again, it’s “down” but still terrifying
Milk 102 (up from 77) This has increased every year. (2009 was 49.2 and 2010 was 56.5)

Some things the Dr. didn’t re-test for like cat dander because we no longer have cats and mangoes because we avoid them very easily. He also didn’t re-test for shellfish so I’m going to ask that he do that next time, I’m curious to see what those numbers look like. I’m happy to see so many things heading in the right direction, especially those tree nuts and peanuts! But really, positive changes in the milk and egg results are what I’m hoping for. It’s clear that those allergies aren’t going to just disappear overnight, but let’s hope that next year we see them trending down. For now we just keep on doing what we do…avoid it all and keep our boy safe.


2 responses

    • The nuts are actually all Down, which is awesome! the only ones that still seem to be an issue are hazelnuts and peanuts. He is still having some cross reactive stuff going on with fruit. Reacted to peaches the other day 😦 Hopefully it’s temporary!

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