end of the year thank you

JT had his last day of Kindergarten yesterday, and he’ll move on to a new school for first grade. I couldn’t have imagined the roller coaster of emotions it would be. So proud and happy to have him home for the summer, but so sad for him to be leaving such a special place. Last summer, I felt only one thing anticipating the start of the school year, and that was fear. How do you release your child to other people when something as simple as another student’s snack could make him sick, send him to the hospital or worse? How do you trust that they could ever care as much as you do? I was terrified. Really, really, genuinely afraid. Expecting that dreaded phone call would one day come…”He was exposed”, “He’s not well”, “It was an accident”. But, not only did the phone call never come, the fear also eventually subsided. It didn’t take long to realize how special the staff at my son’s school was and that they cared as much as I do. And not just his teacher, but the assistant(s), and the nurse, and the janitor. They all cared. As I sat and wrote out their end-of-the-year “thank you’s”, I sobbed. Yes, they taught my child, and they helped him to make friends and they kept him safe and those things are so, so important. But most important to me is that they CARED, more than I ever thought they would. And I could never thank them enough.


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