Why we walk – Fare Walk for Food Allergies

This year our family has decided to put a team together to participate in the Fare walk for food allergies. This walk helps to raise money and awareness for food allergy reasearch and education. Of course that is a big part of why we walk, to raise money and help to fund this wonderful organization. But, this year we walk for another reason. We walk to show J.T. that he is not the only one, that there are other kids just like him. We walk to show him that there is an organization and a community of people who are on his side and willing to fight for him, that there are people out there who are doing research and looking for cures, and above all that he has family and friends who love and support him. So join us for the walk if you are able or donate money to our team if you can. I’m so excited for J.T. to have an experience where his allergies make him feel included rather than left out. I can’t wait for him to have a day where we get to celebrate him and all of our allergy successes (4 years with no E.R. visits!!). We hope you can celebrate with us!

To make a donation click here!


Shameless plug time

Please forgive me…this has nothing to do with food allergies 🙂
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